Give peace a seat at cabinet table –

A Department of Peace may sound mushy and soft-hearted, but it’s actually a deeply, subtly revolutionary idea, in that it threatens to undermine the war-oriented mindset that dominates our culture.

The goal of making war obsolete doesn’t rely on any dewy-eyed notions about the possibilities of human improvement. Gentlemen no longer duel – not because men today are more kindly or sensitive than men were in the past, but because duelling has become socially unacceptable.

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Restore Canada’s role as a global force for peace

A recent Ipsos Reid poll clearly demonstrates that Canadians want their soldiers engaged in peacekeeping and humanitarian relief efforts rather than aggressive combat.

Unfortunately our commitment to UN peacekeeping has fallen away. Canada now contributes only

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MPs propose an army of peace professionals

OTTAWA — A federal New Democrat has teamed up with a Liberal to propose the creation of an army of peace professionals within a new federal department to resolve violent conflicts within Canada and around the world.

The idea was introduced through new legislation tabled Thursday by NDP MP Bill Siksay, seconded by Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis. Siksay said the proposed department of peace could change the role of the Canadian military, but not necessarily replace it.

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