Ben and Jerry’s Bed-In for Peace

Ben & Jerry’s Recognizes Aaron Voldman, Executive Director of Student Peace Alliance, as a Peace Pioneer

Aaron Voldman, Executive Director of the Student Peace Alliance (SPA) and a member of the Board of Directors of The Peace Alliance, was one of two nationwide winners of Ben & Jerry’s “Peace Pioneer” contest. The announcement was made on May 27, 2008 at its New York City Times Square Scoop Shop. The ceremony was part of Ben & Jerry’s joint effort with The Lennon Estate and Peace One Day, a non-profit organization focused on raising global awareness of the UN day of global ceasefire and non-violence on September 21st annually.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, award-winning actress and demonstrated peace activist, Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day and director/producer/writer of the Cannes-debuted film, “The Day After Peace,” and Roy Kerwood, original photographer from Lennon’s 1969 Montreal Bed-in, were on-site at the Ben & Jerry’s Times Square Scoop Shop to launch a John Lennon tribute flavor, “Imagine Whirled Peace,” and announce a new social mission partnership with Peace One Day.

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Ben & Jerry’s joins with Lennon estate for peace.

Ben & Jerry’s announced a joint effort with The Lennon Estate and Peace One Day, a non-profit organization focused on raising global awareness of the UN day of global ceasefire and non-violence on September 21st annually. As part of the effort, the company is introducing a John Lennon tribute flavor,

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Yoko Ono asks you to VOTE for Peace Building! Final Day! We Need Your Vote!


Go to

Click on the blue VOTE NOW button

Fill in the details.

You have voted only when the blue button says VOTED.

Hi. This is yoko ono.

I fully support the idea of voting


It’s so exciting to see the family of peace

working to keep ourselves up in the top ten!

Every bit helps to make World Peace a reality.

I didn’t know that we are getting so strong in numbers, as well!

Lots of love, yoko


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Shifting Our View of Violence

The moral view of violence, labeling it as bad and wrong, has done little to end it. The alternative view is to release our judgments and see violence for what it is: a form of suffering. This is a difficult shift for many people. Not only are they in the habit of making knee-jerk judgments, but violent people cause harm, and therefore their suffering seems to deserve less sympathy.

You hurt me, so why should I have compassion for you? It should be the other way around. Does it take a saint to make the shift from moral outrage to compassion?

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Support the Youth Promise Act!

Tell President Obama, your member of the House of Representatives and your Senators that you want this proposed legislation to become law. Fill out the form below to send them a fax and email. Remember to include your own words.

We also urge you to call your Congressmembers. Emails can work, but a phone call and personal faxed letter have by far the most impact. After you fill out the form below, the phone numbers for your members of Congress should appear. You can also visit to get the phone numbers. If you know their names, you can simply call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at 202 224-3121, they will connect you.

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Are You Living The Way Of Peace?

Peace isn’t achieved by working with violence or working through it. Peace has its own power, its own scheme for organizing events.We are looking for substitutes that can satisfy needs that are now being satisfied by war. The old satisfactions aren’t trivial, for adventure, power, and expansion are primary values in life.

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Radical Compassion

The Radical Compassion Workshop will take participants through a multimedia experience where they will have an opportunity to examine their beliefs about what compassion is and how they may live with compassion in their day-to-day lives. Featuring live music, film and guided meditation.

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