September 2008 Newsletter from The Peace Alliance – Department of Peace Campaign

The Peace Alliance Newsletter

September 2008

2008 has been a busy year thus far. Successful regional conferences brought in new supporters, energy and enthusiasm for the campaign. The annual “Peace Wants a Piece of the Pie” event was bigger than ever with pies delivered in over 100 districts and available for all members of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC. We lost a champion for peace with the passing of Stephanie Jones-Tubbs, and our campaign became nonpartisan at the elected official level with the addition of Congressman Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD). And within the last two weeks, The Peace Alliance met one of its 2008 goals by joining both parties at their national conventions to spread the word about HR 808 and the need for a U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence. And the media has taken notice.

I joined The Peace Alliance in December 2005. In the almost three years since then, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many of you. And because of your hard work and willingness to reach out to your local journalists and reporters, our media coverage has increased over ten-fold. Each time a letter to the editor is published, you raise awareness about a Department of Peace. Each time you speak at a local gathering, you give your fellow citizens something to think about and act on. Each time you wear your Department of Peace t-shirt, buttons or logo, you let your community know that you support peace. With September comes “Walks for Peace” and another opportunity for us to raise money, spread the word and enroll others in this important campaign.

I have deep gratitude for the vital work that you all are doing. Please feel free to contact me anytime for help with the media. Together we will Make Sense, Make Peace, and Make History.

In peace and gratitude,


Patty Kuderer

Director of Communications

The Peace Alliance

Peace Walks … and Runs!

We are very proud to say that we are having our third annual Walks for Peace! What began in Michigan as an innovative idea from Dennis Mazurek has spread across the country to become fun events that raise money and awareness for the Department of Peace Campaign. Check out what Ft. Worth, Texas is doing with the first annual Peace RACE!

Enter your zip code here to see if there is a walk near you. Or join an existing walk in your area that another organization has created. Just set-up your fundraising page with us and circulate to your friends and family to raise money. Everyone wins! You support the turnout for an existing walk, and you support your commitment to this campaign.

Can’t make it to a walk? Click here to donate or set-up a fundraising page and ask your friends to imagine that you are walking. You get the idea! Participation is as creative as you want to get.

And last, if none of these appeal to you, pick a state from our event page and donate to their walk.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for all you do to support this historic movement. Everything we do brings us closer to the world we dream of.

Convention Reports

We are so pleased that we had a presence at both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. We are working diligently to move beyond partisanship and this is particularly challenging during an election year.

These are times that make it clear we must focus on what we have in common to achieve unity and lasting solutions. Read the reports from Kathy Kidd, National Field Director and Wendy Greene, Managing Director.

Keep Peace in the Election Dialogue

Volunteers across the nation are keeping the Department of Peace legislation in the election-year dialogue, reminding candidates at all levels to Make Peace a Priority. Read how New Hampshire activists participated in activities in Unity, NH in June, then make plans for having your own impact.

Remember, we are nonpartisan, so we want to reach all candidates. You can learn more and download a packet of materials online.

Peace Jam GraphicSPA Partners with Peace Jam

The Student Peace Alliance is proud to announce an official partnership with Peace Jam! Both organizations collaborate to achieve similar goals and are youth-driven. The Student Peace Alliance expresses solidarity with Peace Jam’s Global Call to Action directly through two of its 10 sections, ‘Investing in Human Security’ and ‘Breaking the Cycle of Violence’. The other eight sections all contribute to reducing the root causes of violence.

Read more about the Global Call to ActionWatch an introduction on YouTube.

Every act for a culture and Department of Peace and Nonviolence is an act for Peace Jam’s Global Call to Action.

Ask the Peacebuilder

Editor’s Note: Educator and Peacebuilder Marianne Perez, who holds a masters in Peace and Conflict Studies and is part of New Yorkers for a Department of Peace, will share information and answer your questions about the field of peacebuilding. Read the full text of the column and submit your questions to Marianne on our website under under Get Involved>Peacebuilding Conversations>Ask a Peacebuilder. Enjoy!

What is Nonviolence?
By Marianne Perez

In the previous columns, we defined the terms “peace,” “conflict” and “violence.” This month, we will look at a related term: “nonviolence.”

Far from being passive, nonviolence requires a lucid understanding of the status quo and then flips it to reveal the humanity of all those involved. Gandhi first publicly espoused nonviolence on September 11, 1906 in South Africa, arguing against violent resistance and riots as an answer to British colonial laws that marginalized Indians. (See the video excerpt from Richard Attenborough’s film Gandhi)

Read more and join the conversation on our website.

Stories from the Field

Miami Launches Grassroots Campaign
“The first step towards establishing a Miami Department of Peace Campaign took place on Tuesday August 13, 2008,” Nicola Roxburgh reports….

Phoenix Celebrates 4th Annual Department of Peace Day
Terri Mansfield and the Arizona Department of Peace Campaign supporters enrolled the Mayor of Phoenix in declaring the 4th Annual Department of Peace Day. Read the proclamation here…

Tabling with the Army
Photo - Florida volunteers with Army Recruiters met at a tabling eventAna Campos shares Florida volunteers’ experience at the Back to School/Stop the Gun Violence event in honor of Bryan Pata: “When we arrived at the event it was about 100 degrees, Tropical Storm Fay was headed our way and we were running a little late. LOL we were distracted by some challenges – but our hearts were so filled with joy and excitement! And then the Army, set up their information table right next to ours!” Read the whole story…

A Night with Desmond Tutu
Desmond Tutu spoke to a near capacity audience at Western Michigan University, and Robert Weir and Michigan volunteers were there to hear and share his insights. Read more…

California Conference Explores “A World Beyond Violence”
Kendra Mon from California’s 6th district shares a report on the powerful and moving California Regional Conference. Read more…

Benjamin Rush, Giant Dove Highlight NH Parades
“Due to our invitation to march in the Temple celebration, our initial intention was to forgo the Amherst parade. However, a week before the Fourth I became aware of the parade’s theme: Founding Fathers,” Jan Grossman from New Hampshire shares. You’ll never guess who showed up! Read more…

If you have a story from the field, please email it to Wendy Greene. We will be happy to consider it for this space and for posting on our website.

Monthly Grassroots Conference Calls

Times for all calls: 6:00 PM Pacific/ 9:00 PM Eastern
Call In Number for all calls: (712) 432-1601 Access code: 470821#

Click here for more information about monthly calls, and to hear recordings of previous calls.

Monthly All Call
Tuesday, October 7

More than 75 volunteers joined this month’s All Call! Make sure you join the next and connect with Department of Peace Campaign supporters all across the nation. We’ll share successes and challenges, find out what’s working and what’s coming up, and get re-centered for this important work.

All active campaigners or anyone interested in learning about what we are doing are encouraged to join us for these monthly calls.

Nonviolent Communications
Thursday, September 25

Get expert coaching from professional facilitators in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) to support you in your communication challenges in your personal life, at work, and in service with the Department of Peace campaign. You’ll gain new skills in truly being peace, and find how changing your communications can help change your world.

Join us! This call lasts 90 minutes.

September 2008 Newsletter from The Peace Alliance – Department of Peace Campaign.



Department of Peace Southern California*

* Specifically, the areas covered are Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley north to Lancaster area, and Ventura area north to Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo. The congressional districts covered are 23-25, and 27-36. Don’t know what district you’re in? Go to, and input your zip code (you may also need to input your address) — you’ll find out who all of your elected officials are!


Calendar of Events

The International Day of Peace is September 21, 2008, with events all month long

Click here!

This is the LINK to your FREE COPY of Peace Day Magazine bannerpacked with events in every major city on Earth, and stories about people making strides in peace building around the world. This exciting issue will tell you all about Peace Day 2008, and how you can get in on the fun and excitement. There are festivals, concerts, marches, conferences, kids parades and lots more. Find an event near you, or put on one of your own – you’ll find it all in this FREE digital magazine hosted by NxtBookMedia – with music and flash! — check out page 72 for an article on The Peace Alliance!
Please forward this email to all of your friends and contacts! By spreading the word about Peace Day, you will help bring thousands of new people into these peacebuilding organizations so that they can expand their reach!
Peace will prevail if we build it! Peace is a choice! Get the tools in Peace Day Magazine

Peace In Action

There are extremists in all faiths who misguidedly act in violence against the message of their doctrines. Check out the similarities of major religions. It becomes clear that at the core, we all want the same things for the common good of everyone. Click HERE


Civilian Diplomacy
If we know enough we’ll never go to war again

Tribune Media Services
August 14, 2008

Peace is no more – and no less – than the audacity of sanity, reaching past the dubious geopolitics of national self-interest and standing, as Hank Brusselback did, underneath the ancient bridge in Esfahan, Iran, listening to the men who had gathered to sing.
It’s called civilian diplomacy, and it is one way we will create the peace our leaders don’t believe we’re ready for.
“If the government isn’t willing to talk to people, then the people need to be willing to (talk to each other),” Brusselback said. “It comes from a belief in the nature of security – it’s not about weapons, fear and posturing on the world stage. It’s about communication, talking to people, everyone having their basic needs met. If you understood security that way, you’d see that security is about dialogue.”
Full article here:

SPA Corner

by Nicole Nabulski

Student Peace Alliance tabled at the Jack Johnson concerts at San Diego and Irvine. Twelve students volunteered their time to table five hours and enjoy another 3 hours of Jack’s show. Jack Johnson met personally with some of our members where he thanked us for our work. Student Peace Alliance held a picture petition at the concert,where people wrote their names and addesses (so we can send their picture and name to their congressman) and took pictures of each concert goer. We collected many pictures and e-mails! Woot woot! Already, 2 concert-goers plan on starting chapters at their schools!

Options:Edging Toward Humanity

K. Skatula – 2008

Always opt for kindness.

Always opt for manners.

Always opt for joy.

Always opt for humor and happiness.

Always opt for forgiveness.

Always opt for taking the high road.

Always opt for gratefulness and grace.

Always opt for compassion.

Always opt for empowerment of another.

Always opt for the optimism of possibilities.

Always opt for character, conscience, and courage.

Always opt for trust in your own identity.

Always opt for faith in God’s design for us.

Always opt for the patience of a listening heart.

Always opt for seeing God’s light in a stranger’s eyes.

Always opt for the healing wisdom of music.

Always opt for passion.

Only opt for “love one another.”

Walk For Peace

Join the Los Angeles area Walk for Peace
Sunday, September 21st, 9 am – noon, Santa Monica

Dear Supporters:

Department of Peace activists from the greater Los Angeles area will be holding a Walk for Peace on Sunday, September 21, 2008 — the United Nations International Day of Peace. Please join us for what will surely be a fun and inspiring morning. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. We will meet at the Santa Monica Pier parking lot, and be walking south to Venice Beach and return. We plan to raise awareness and money for the campaign to help establish a U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence! Our Walk for Peace will conclude with a minute of silence at noon. This Los Angeles area walk is coordinated in solidarity with the Heartwalker peace project ( and will be incorporating the heart shape.

Our Walk for Peace is a fun and fitness activity for everyone. Please come prepared — sunscreen, hats, bottled water…

Please spread the word. We plan on making this Walk for Peace a great success. It goes without saying, the more participants and contributions we receive, the greater likelihood is that we will achieve our goal.

Thank you very much for your participation! We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 21st, 2008!!


For Flyers and Forms Click HERE

WHAT: Los Angeles area Walk for Peace Part of the 3rd Annual National Department of Peace Walk-a-thon,
and in solidarity with the Heartwalker Peace Project (

WHEN: Sunday, September, 21, 2008 (The International Day of Peace)

TIME: 9 am – noon
Registration 9 am, Walk 9:15 – noon, Minute of Silence at noon

WHERE: Santa Monica, CA 90401
Walk from
Santa Monica Pier to Venice and return

MEET: 9 am in the Santa Monica Pier parking lot,
just north of the pier at 1550 P.C.H.
(for map / directions, visit

WHO: YOU, your friends, and others ready to literally walk the talk of peace.

COST: Free
This is a Dept of Peace National Walkathon and donations are welcomed.

WHY: Raise awareness and donations for The Peace Alliance /
Campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence!
Model being the change, Inspire others, Have fun!
Support International Culture of Peace Month / The International Day of Peace!

WHAT TO BRING: H20 & sun protection,
Pledge forms/contributions,
Signs for the walk (positive, pro peace only, please; suggestions available on request).
We’ll have some Department of Peace (& International Day of Peace) signs available.

FLYER / FORMS: contact Sherri

RSVPs/Qs: Sherri Jaye,, 310.625.9658

Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Day of Peace

Dear Friend,

Every year, the United Nations International Peace Day is held on 21 September, when people around the world express their desire for peace. So that the majority of Roots & Shoots groups and JGI friends can be involved, I have chosen to have the “Roots & Shoots Day of Peace” take place in late September in support of the United Nation’s peace endeavors.
This year our day for celebrating peace will be Sunday 21 September. I do hope that you and your friends and families will join groups around the world to fly Peace Doves and celebrate the desire for peace in the human spirit!
Read entire note.

The Dept of Peace will be tabling at Dr. Jane’s event on Sept 21st and we need volunteers from 11-4pm. Please contact Pat Tallman! It’s fun for the whole family! On the lawn by the carousel in Griffith Park. Follow the signs. Pat will send all the info you need.More on the Day of Peace event:

Issue: # 9

September 2008

September is internationally acknowledged as a month for peace, with events occurring all over the world, most particularly in relation to September 21, the United Nations International Day of Peace. Know that, especially during this month, we are joined by people everywhere searching for peace with prayer, meditations, dreams, peaceful actions and celebrations.
Do this today — the deadline is 9/9, as the petition will be delivered to Congress 9/11: sign the petition “I Stand for Peace” on the national website, Click here to SIGN! We’re hoping for 5000 signatures, and are nearly there — with your help, we’ll make it, or go over the top!
The regular monthly meetings are cancelled this month due to all of the fun events! Go and enjoy, by yourself or with your family and friends, and we need volunteers to help table with us at a few of them — so please check the calendar, and join in the fun for peace!
With warm regards,
Terry Mason and Tory Haslinger

September Actions

see the Calendar for more details!

September 11-13 — Peace Jam. SPA has a booth. Seven Nobel Peace Laureates speaking! Space still available — register here now!
September 18 – “IN” workshop
September 19-21 – Living Peace in Ojai –
September 21 — two GREAT events in the LA area!
Go to both for a double dose of peace on International Peace Day! – National Department of Peace walks – our local Santa Monica Peace walk – Click HERE!


Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots and Shoots Peace Day Celebration, locally in Griffith Park by the merry-go-round – volunteers contact Pat at

September 28 – 24th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival, Venice – volunteers contact Tory at


September 2008


Events in blue

All Calls in purple

Meetings in Green

Volunteers needed in Red

City Team Meeting location:

Arcana Workshops

3916 Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 107
Culver City, CA 90230

Valley Team Meeting location:
Terry Mason’s residence
16425 Otsego Street, Encino, CA 91436

RSVP to Terry at 818-687-2942 24hours in advance

SEPTEMBER (Culture of Peace Month)

Sept 9 (6 pm PT): National ALL CALL; 712.432.1601, access code 470821#
Join us for our monthly All Call! On these calls, we celebrate recent local activities, share ideas, and hear updates on upcoming actions. All active campaigners or anyone interested in learning about what we are doing are encouraged to join us for these monthly calls. Check website at for details regarding this call.

Thurs, Sept 11: Patriot Day; 102nd anniversary of Gandhi’s 1st nonviolent action

Sept 11-21: 11 days of Global Unity

Thurs, Sept 11: ‘I Stand for Peace’ petition will be delivered to our Congressional leadership.

Thurs-Sat, Sept 11-13: Peace Jam Call to Action Conference, Loyola Marymount University, L. A.
Over 3,000 youth (age 14-25) from around the globe will be there, as well as 7 Nobel Peace Prize Winners! For details: click here! Student Peace Alliance deadline for the conference is Friday, Aug 22. It is IMPORTANT to include that you heard about the conference through SPA.
($345 / youth participant / adult sponsor). If you are interested in joining the SPA National Group at the conference, contact TJ Bowen at

Sun, Sept 14 (5 pm GMT, 10 am PDT): World Peace Intention Experiment . The first in a series of Peace Intention Experiments testing the power of group intention to lower violence in areas around the world. This could be the largest scientific study in history, with hundreds of thousands of participants sending an intention of peace under highly controlled scientific conditions. Lynn McTaggart, author of The Intention Experiment, has assembled a scientific advisory body of leaders in consciousness research, to devise a strict protocol and measure violence levels before and after the intention is sent, to see if there is any effect. More information read more here!

CANCELLED DUE TO PEACE DAY Sept 20 Combined Team Meeting – City
CANCELLED Sept 21 Combined Team Meeting – Valley

Thur, Sept 18 (7-10pm): “IN” Workshop I ; Torrance (just off the 405); Japanese Meditation that combines breath, sound, and movement;1st in a series of 2 free workshops,
2nd date is Sept 28 (12 – 4pm); Instructor: Uran Snyder, artist, peacemaker, peace pole local contact;
Details HERE RSVP required click HERE!: URAN contact info:, 562.422.7711.

Sat, Sept 20 (or alternate day): 3rd Annual National “Walk for Peace” (visit

Sun, Sept 21: International Day of Peace

Call In Action! Click here:

SPA National Action (in conjunction with DoPNV): National Call-in for a U.S. Department of Peace How to, click here for every thing you need to know:
Host a national call-in on your campus or in your community to have people call Congress in support of the Department of Peace. Call members of Congress asking them to cosponsor HR 808, or to thank those Representatives who are already cosponsors. For additional info, visit:
UN designated international day of peace and nonviolence, and worldwide movement to create a global ceasefire. A wealth of information is available on the website, including how to celebrate — in our schools, places of worship, libraries, parks, municipal buildings, with city/government officials …Please observe a minute of silence at noon.

Fri-Sun, Sept 19-21: “Living Peace in Ojai 2008”, Ojai celebrates The International Day of Peace For Info go HERE
check back for major updates: For schedule of events click here: Will include an interfaith service celebrating many faiths and spiritual traditions (Ojai Interfaith Alliance)

Fri-Sun, Sept 19-21: 50th Anniversary Catalina Art Festival, Catalina Island;
Redondo Beach Participants Augustin Garnier and Willie Davis will also table DoPNV.

Sun, Sept 21: Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots & Shoots Day of Peace celebration, Griffith Park, near the Merry Go Round. L.A.Celebration & grand parade with hundreds of Giant Peace Doves. This event is free.

Volunteers needed! DoPNV Table Contact Pat Tallman,

Sun, Sept 21 (9 am-noon): 3rd Annual National Department of Peace “Walk for Peace”, Santa Monica

Meet at 9 am at the Santa Monica Pier parking lot (north of pier — 1550 P.C.H.), walk to Venice and return (observing a heart shape), and close with a minute of silence at noon. Join the national walk-a-thon in our L. A. community. All are welcome! Contact: Sherri Jaye (CA-33):, 310.625.9658

Sun, Sept 21: “STAND-UP for International Peace”
A night of comedy in recognition of Peace Day. At a comedy club near you. Comedy dates may vary.
Check site HERE for updates.

Sun, Sept 21: Global Mala Yoga for Peace
Join a 2008 event. Check for updates HERE!.

Sept 23 (6-6:45 pm PT): National CDTL Call; 712.432.1601, access code 470821#

Sept 25 (6 pm PT): Nonviolent Communication Call; 712.432.1601, access code 470821#

Sun, Sept 28 (10:00am-6:30pm): 24th Annual Abbot Kinney Festival, Venice
DoPNV booth.
Volunteers needed! Contact Tory Haslinger,, 310.855.1303.


National Crime Prevention Month / Domestic Violence Awareness Month(CA:

Thurs, Oct 2: International Day of Non-Violence in recognition of Gandhi’s birthday

Tues, Oct 7 (6 pm PT): National ALL CALL; 712.432.1601, access code 470821#

Thurs, Oct 16: Conflict Resolution Day (

Oct 28 (6-6:45 pm PT): National CDTL Call; 712.432.1601,access code 470821#

Oct 30 (6 pm PT): Nonviolent Communication Call;712.432.1601,access code 470821#

MARCH 2009 Looking Ahead!!
Fri-Sun, Mar 27-29: 5th Annual National Conference, Washington, DC
“PEACE WITHIN REACH: People and Politics Partnering for our Common Security”
Fri: Leadership Program; Sat/Sun: Conference; Mon: Meetings with our Members of Congress on Capital Hill; Confirmed Speakers: Riane Eisler (The Chalice and The Blade), Ocean Robbins (Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!)), Rita Marie Johnson (Academy for Peace of Costa Rica; Campaign for a Ministry of Justice and Peace), Rich & Yvonne St. John-Dutra (Challenge Day founders), and more in the works; Hotel: Hyatt Crystal City, Arlington, VA:;
single or double $165, increase for 3 or 4 / room.

Mon, Mar 30: Meetings with our Members of Congress on Capital Hill

Insight from our South Florida partners


The South Florida team lead by Ana Campos is a fun and powerful group, making contact with many on the campaign trail directly. Recently, Ana shared a story of tabling at an event put on by the Bryan Pata Foundation The Army set up their table right next to theirs. They spent the day, one by one, going to the Army table, befriending, honoring and appreciating them — in addition to sharing information with hundreds of attendees. At the end of the day, each soldier gave them positive feedback, acknowledging that they understood what the campaign is about, and that they were supported — and thanked our volunteers!
Then they met Robert Bozeman, who offered to help pass this bill, saying that we need to prevent violence. Ana wrote:
“On February 28, 2005 when he was 22 years old, he was shot at 18 times in front of 32 witnesses. He’s missing half of his skull and has a beautiful smile. He is also a living crime statistic that we talk about and he’s a walking miracle.
Meeting him puts things and life into perspective. When I have a bad day or get bummed or we start fussing about meetings, copying flyers, walks, donations – thinking about Robert will always remind us of a living, breathing, feeling example of exactly why we’re doing this and why we need this.
These are his videos – please watch one:
Video 1
Video 2

Dept of Peace Presence at the DNC & RNC

From Jerilyn Stapleton, reporting on the Democratic National Convention in Denver:

I was privileged to be able to attend the DNC convention with the Feminist delegation who had their reception, The EqualiTEA, on Monday. I was so excited the DOPN had a presence at this convention, I would not have missed our reception for anything. Tuesday was the hottest day of the week, so having the reception at The Gelato was perfect (nice cold eats and drinks.)
It was great to see Kathy Kidd and Wendy Greene who always represent us with such class. I enjoyed seeing and talking to Linda Henderson from MI. I was able to meet the Denver team, great people all. I was given a new button that says “Peace is Sexy!” in red and white, I will wear and treasure. I was able to meet TJ Bowen, the national field organizer for the SPA. We talked about the upcoming Peace Jam event at Loyola Marymount, September 11 – 13, 2008. He said he would like another youth from Los Angeles to attend the event along with him and Nicole. Another highlight, was getting my picture taken with Congressman Conyers, what a treat! All in All it was a great event!

And an excerpt from Wendy Greene, reporting on the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN:
Sadly, as most of you know, there was conflict between citizens and police in the preceding days, and it didn’t do much to make the town inviting. A Republican Delegate friend of mine actually described St. Paul as being “locked down.” So at 8:00 a.m. on the final day of the Convention–our randomly assigned speaking time–the streets of St. Paul were quite dead. Nearly a dozen of our incredible Minneapolis/St Paul area grassroots supporters came out, despite the very late night before, the cloudy and chill morning and the tense aura in town. It was a really wonderful show of support and the level of commitment in this campaign!
At the last minute, we enrolled Mel Duncan, Executive Director of Nonviolent PeaceForce, to join us on stage, and Patty Kuderer gave her speaking time to him. The promised press never materialized, so he, Mary Jane LaVigne and I played it for the police on the other side of the ugly iron barriers. It was, as advertised, a bit like speaking in a cage, which had been constructed out of fear of angry protests (that certainly never materialized at that site).
The entire experience was a powerful reminder of the deep need for the work we’re doing.
The Open Forum stage staff was most courteous and helpful, and let us know that we had the largest turn out of anyone so far that week! They actually came around to the front of the stage to listen directly to our presentation for awhile. And, of course, we added our brochures to the collection of what they described as “websites people think we should go look at.” So who knows–maybe we’ll gain some new grassroots supporters!

Questions From You!

FAQs from the desk of State co-leads Terry Mason and Tory Haslinger

Q: What is tabling? What will I be asked to do if I volunteer at an event like Roots and Shoots, or the Abbot Kinney Festival?

A: Simply put, tabling is putting up a table with literature where people are expected, and sharing the information about the campaign with passers-by. We distribute literature, and buttons and bumper stickers for donations, and have a container available for additional donations. Sometimes we also offer baked goods or water for donation. We sign people up, and later add them to the database to receive National and local emails.
At each one of the events that we table, we will always have experienced volunteers to assist anyone that is newer to the campaign. If you don’t know the answer to a question that is asked, someone at the table will — and by the end of the few hours you spend, you will become much more expert at sharing information about the bill and the movement, and much more effective at taking it back to your personal sphere of friends and family. You will become more empowered and have fun at the same time!
It’s really one of the most fun things that you can do — because sharing the information with people, and watching their faces light up as they realize that there’s something exciting going on that they can be a part of, will put a smile on your face. Do you remember the first time you heard about the campaign? That’s what happens when you table — you create that first experience for many, many other people.
So volunteer! Come join us for a few hours, and share the message with people

Yours in Peace,

Terry Mason and Tory Haslinger

State co-coordinators, Los Angeles, Valley and Santa Barbara
areas Volunteers for the Department of Peace and Nonviolence

Peace Jam: A Day Without Hate