Yoko Ono asks you to VOTE for Peace Building! Final Day! We Need Your Vote!


Go to http://bit.ly/votePEACE

Click on the blue VOTE NOW button

Fill in the details.

You have voted only when the blue button says VOTED.

Hi. This is yoko ono.

I fully support the idea of voting


It’s so exciting to see the family of peace

working to keep ourselves up in the top ten!

Every bit helps to make World Peace a reality.

I didn’t know that we are getting so strong in numbers, as well!

Lots of love, yoko


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Please Vote for Department of Peace – by IdeaScale

A Department of Peace, funded by a percent tax on all war contracts, will serve to organize, educate and facilitate peaceful responses to the causes of war, including famine, poverty, and ignorance. The Department of Peace with be a resource for non-profits, non-governmental and governmental organizations to aid and collaborate on alternative to war. The institution will work in conjunction with the goals of the United Nations and be a vessel of action and education on both global and local scales.

Why Is This Idea Important?

The Department of Peace will be an active, engaged institution to increase peaceful means of conflict resolution.

Department of Peace – by IdeaScale.

Contact Congress Today!

Please join our Mother’s Day action campaign by contacting your members of Congress TODAY. Youth from across the D.C. area will be descending upon Capitol Hill today urgeing support for the Youth PROMISE Act.  This bill will provide unprecedented aid to young people who are at-risk of becoming involved, or who are already involved in, gangs or the criminal justice system to redirect them toward productive alternatives.  Additionally, congressional offices across the country are being visited tomorrow, Friday, May 8th, by Peace Alliance activists, reminding them that Peace Wants a Piece of the Pie — that is the federal budget.  Specifically, we are asking Congress to support the Youth PROMISE Act and as always, the Dept. of Peace legislation. (It’s not too late to visit your own local office, even if just for a drop-by.)

Your action in support of these bills will only take a few minutes, but will significantly increase the impact of our visiting teams!


The Peace Alliance

Combined Team Meeting

Combined Quarterly Team Meeting – San Fernando Valley
May 17, 2009, 3:00PM, Terry Mason’s house: 16425 Otsego St., Encino, CA 91436
Come together with other volunteers in the San Fernando Valley area — Districts 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, the Valley section of District 30, and 31.

We will meet, strategize, and workshop during this time. Every meeting will result in at least one action taken or plan made! Bring your questions, energy and enthusiasm!

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Please RSVP 24 hours in advance if you will be attending: terry@lupineproductions.com, or cel: 818.687.2942.


SoCal Campaign for a US Department of Peace.

Cabinet department would give peace a chance – Kansas City Star

Barack Obama’s election as president has breathed life into efforts for a U.S. Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich first proposed the Cabinet-level post in July 2001 — two months before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack. He had seen too much violence worldwide and wanted to create a platform in the executive branch to promote alternative ways to resolve conflicts.


Cabinet department would give peace a chance – Kansas City Star.

SoCal Campaign for a US Department of Peace

Change.org – Number Two in the Top Ten!
Feb 05, 2009

To all of you who went to the contest at Change.org in December, and in round two in January — thank you! With all of your efforts, and by spreading the word through MySpace, FaceBook, and other methods, the idea garnered support even from Yoko Ono, who posted her support on her site. The goal was to make it into the top ten, and we made it to number two!

Here’s the link to the blog begun by Kathy Kidd of the National office of The Peace Alliance. Please feel free to add your comments!


And here’s the notification from Change.org, inviting participation on the site.

More to come on this. Change.org has pledged to support our grass-roots efforts to bring this idea to fruition. Thanks to all of you who voted, and who spread the word!

Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center (Wi’am)

Wi’am as a grassroots organization, strives alongside other democratic

forces present in the larger Palestine community to build a democratic

and just society. The Center aims to improve the quality of relationships

by: addressing injustices rather than avenging them; dignifying persons

on both sides of the conflict; promoting human rights and advocating

for peace among all people.


Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center (Wi’am).

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