HR 808 Presented to the 111th Congress!

Strategically planned, the bill presented to the 111th session of Congress for a Department of Peace was dropped in numerical order so as to maintain the number of House Resolution 808!

Read the bill. There are some small but mighty changes.

One change is that we have returned to the Department of Peace — the “and Nonviolence” has been dropped.

Another change, requested by the campaign, focuses the bill on addressing violence in our own country. The bill now states that 85% of the appropriated money is spent domestically.

The appropriated money requested is stated in a dollar figure at $10 Billion, rather than cited as a percentage compared to the appropriations of the Department of Defense. This amount is equal to approximately 1% of the Federal Discretionary Budget, and — depending on how much is spent by the Department of Defense — equal to approximately 2% of the money appropriated to the Department of Defense.


SoCal Campaign for a US Department of Peace.


Sponsor Justin and Nadia for Washington DC!

Sponsor Justin and Nadia for Washington DC!
Feb 05, 2009

Whether or not you are able to join us in Washington DC for the conference 3/20-23, consider this…

– The Student Peace Alliance has a strong presence at this conference
– Students from the SoCal area want to attend, and need financial assistance!

Justin Bensan is the Los Angeles area lead of SPA, and Nadia Rodriguez is the Ventura County area lead of SPA, and they both want to go to Washington! If they are able to attend, they will share a room with others, and we’ll try to find the best airfare possible — but please consider donating funds to help Justin and Nadia, and perhaps one or two other students, to go to Washington representing Southern California! The sooner the better, so we can get the best airfare possible, and secure a room before they sell out!

Please join us! To register yourself:

To help Justin and Nadia, please mail your check RIGHT AWAY, made payable to Terry Mason – Department of Peace Campaign, to:

Terry Mason
16425 Otsego Street
Encino, CA 91436

Note on the check that your donation is to support students to go to the 2009 conference in Washington DC. Every donation will contribute to making Justin’s and Nadia’s trip possible — so please help!

SoCal Campaign for a US Department of Peace.

SoCal Campaign for a US Department of Peace – Number Two in the Top Ten!
Feb 05, 2009

To all of you who went to the contest at in December, and in round two in January — thank you! With all of your efforts, and by spreading the word through MySpace, FaceBook, and other methods, the idea garnered support even from Yoko Ono, who posted her support on her site. The goal was to make it into the top ten, and we made it to number two!

Here’s the link to the blog begun by Kathy Kidd of the National office of The Peace Alliance. Please feel free to add your comments!

And here’s the notification from, inviting participation on the site.

More to come on this. has pledged to support our grass-roots efforts to bring this idea to fruition. Thanks to all of you who voted, and who spread the word!